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Dolomiti on Bike Special offer 2016!

Book and discover Dolomiti di Brenta Bike tour! Bike hotel, baggage transfer, maps! All included.


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Expert, the tour for the real biker!

Dolomiti di Brenta Bike expert! Challenging dirt roads through deciduous forests, clear blue skies above and all of a sudden opening up to a clearing that reveals the majesty of the Dolomites, peaks, hills, pastures and the slalom between the cows (and their leftovers!). Steep downhills, hands and arms fixed fast the handlebars, red-hot break disks.


Sprays of water, streams, rivers, waterfalls and then more climbs, alpine lakes, new peaks and glaciers! Even more meadows and cultivated fields, apple trees in full blossom, vineyards, stooped heads when passing through the vaults of the old villages, refill with water and then up again... the DDB never gives up!

The expert itinerary is the itinerary for the demanding biker: dirt track, single track, challenging climbs, high altitude (up to 2300m) and breathtaking downhill: 171 Km of pure MTB with a total elevation gain of 7,700 meters. In addition to this there are more routes to select for those who want to experience true emotions! 

total distance Elevation gains Dirt/Gravel track Single track (Carry bike) Cycle paths Paved roads
Facts and figures of Dolomiti di Brenta Bike "expert"
171 km 7700 m 115 km 6 (1) km - 50 km

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