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Dolomiti on Bike Special offer 2016!

Book and discover Dolomiti di Brenta Bike tour! Bike hotel, baggage transfer, maps! All included.


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Expert Explorer: the routes for bikers without limits!

You're not afraid of climbs and single track? Well, then you can't afford to miss out on the Explorer trails! Specially selected routes for those who want to explore the unique territory of the Brenta Dolomites, from the valley floor to the foot of the glaciers, between meadows and fields, farms and ravines!


For the most demanding sportsperson, but above all for those who wish to explore the area in search of its riches, stunning views and breathtaking panorama. For those who wish to see and enjoy the Dolomites in depth, there are also looped trails that branch off the main route and delve deeper into the valleys allowing you to rejoin the master route later on! Each route exalts the characteristics of the particular district in which it unwinds: at the limit of the glaciers, alongside raging torrents, across lush pastures, plateaus, apple orchards, past castles and noble's palaces, and mountain farms!

Route Distance Elevation gains Dirt/Gravel track
Single track (Carry bike) Cycle paths Paved roads
We have selected six routes for you:
1. Val Rendena 42 km 2170 m 29 km 2.5 (-) km 5 km 5.5 km
2. Valli Giudicarie 39 km 1700 m 11 km 0.7 (0.3) km - 27 km
3. Terme di Comano 55 km 2500 m 23 km 6 (0.1) km - 26 km
4. Paganella 46 km 2100 m 26 km 4 (-) km - 16 km
5. Val di Non 26 km 770 m 6 km (-) - 20 km
6. Val di Sole 25 km 1100 m 7 km 2 (-) km - 16 km


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