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FAQ Organize your tour!

The period

From May until October the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike tour is accessible in full safety. The maximum altitudes are 2.200m a.s.l. at Rifugio Graffer - Grostè and 2.000m a.s.l. at Monte Peler. In the weather forecast section you will find information about accessibility to high altitudes:

 Not cyclable

Both refuges Graffer and Monte Peller are SAT refuges and are open from June 20th until September 20th.

Expert or Country?

Both routes are suitable for the mountain bike. The difference between the two itineraries is the difficulty level. To cycle the Country route you in any case need to be physically prepared and have a fairly decent technique (136 Km and 4.800 elevation gain).

Those with less preparation can face the hardest sections with the help of alternative means of transport (train, bus, taxi) but anyway need a minimum of experience.

How many days do you need?

Taking into consideration the type of itinerary, the preparation, the weather conditions and the time at your disposal to dedicate to our wonderful territory, the time needed to cycle the whole route is about 2 and 4 days (ideally 3 days).

You can also integrate your tour with the explore routes, which have been thought of to allow you to explore our valleys and discover the views, landscapes, traditions...emotions! The explorer routes break from the main itinerary and then later return. On average, it takes an entire day to cycle an explorer route.

Just a word to remind you that you can create your own detailed itinerary with distance, elevation gain, gps tracking and map directly from K - Track, the step by step tool made for creating personalised itineraries. At the bottom of the page you will find some examples.

How and where do I arrive? Where does the tour start?

There simply is not one starting or arrival point!

That's it: you choose where to start from according to where you are coming from and what is most comfortable for you. You can get to the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike area by train, leaving your car at home (the local train goes through Val di Sole and Val di Non). You can also reach it from the Brennero motorway, exiting at San Michele all'Adige (that leads to Paganella, Val di Non and Val di Sole) or you can take the Trento Centro motorway exit (to Terme di Comano, Valli Giudicarie and Val Rendena). Those coming from Lombardia will reach Valli Giudicarie, Terme di Comano or Val Rendena passing through Val Sabbia.

So it's all up to you! Once planned where you want to start from you can create your own step by step personal itinerary using K - Track.

The equipment: what to bring?

Your bike (you can also rent one locally) and all your spirit of adventure!

If you have experience with bike tours you can skip to the next paragraph. Those without can find some handy hints in the tips&tricks section!

How to book overnight stays and transport

The bike hotels specially cater for and are equipped with the principal services for bikers. Once you have selected your trip and decided on your stopovers, you can consult the K- Track service sheet, choose your favourite accommodation in the hospitality section, collect information about services, where they are and proceed with verifying the room availability which for the most part can be booked online.

For the transport and transfer of baggage, those who wish can avail of this service may do so by contacting the available operators listed in our Services section. The bike hotels will offer you the necessary assistance in the transfer your baggage and ensure to have them ready for your arrival.

NEWS & COOL! From end of June to mid September we carry your bags along the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike tour! Travel light with only the essential at € 15,00 per peson/day!


Useful numbers and info

Discover our all-inclusive bike holidays offers: they will include accommodation, transport service, baggage transfer and whatever is necessary for a unforgettable Dolomiti di Brenta Bike tour!

In the meanwhile our staff will be glad to answer your questions by emailing us at info@dolomitibrentabike.it

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