Val Rendena: val di Borzago and San Valentino

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Technique ciata_orso_bluciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigia
Conditions ciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigia
Starting point Spiazzo, fraz. Borzago, parcheggio, m 681
Arrival point Spiazzo, intersezione con statale, m 672
Total length 24,57 km
Elevation gain 886 m
Maximum altitude 1430 m
Asphalt14,60 km59,42 %
Cycle path2,84 km11,56 %
Single track0,51 km2,07 %
Dirt/Gravel track6,62 km26,95 %



Skirting the glaciers!


The Val Rendena route explores two beautiful valleys, parts of the Adamello Group, torrents, streams and waterfalls that roar down over granite rocks. The climb is a tough one: from the valley floor, you head rapidly up, entering two valleys amid rough tracks, farmsteads and verdant pastures, your gaze drawn to the snowy peak of Carè Alto.

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