Val di Non: Lake Tovel in the Adamello Natural Park

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Technique ciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigia
Conditions ciata_orso_bluciata_orso_bluciata_orso_bluciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigia
Starting point bivio, m 642
Arrival point bivio, m 1215
Total length 13,33 km
Elevation gain 607 m
Maximum altitude 1250 m
Asphalt10,54 km79,06 %
Cycle path0,00 km0,00 %
Single track0,00 km0,00 %
Dirt/Gravel track2,79 km20,94 %



Following the trail of the bear!

The famous red lake, in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites, is your destination on this route. Leaving from Tuenno, you follow the downhill road through the mountains, heading into Val di Tovel. After the entrance to the Adamello Brenta Park, the route turns uphill, with woodland sections and the striking lunar landscape of the “Glare”, up to the shores of the little alpine lake with its natural basin and crystal waters reflecting the Dolomite peaks. This impressive natural environment is also the habitat of the solitary brown bear.

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