Val di Sole: Bolentina mountain farms

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Views ciata_orso_bluciata_orso_bluciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigia
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Technique ciata_orso_bluciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigia
Conditions ciata_orso_bluciata_orso_bluciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigiaciata_orso_grigia
Starting point Malè, centro, m 754
Arrival point Malè, chiesa, m 750
Total length 27,82 km
Elevation gain 1387 m
Maximum altitude 1281 m
Asphalt16,95 km60,93 %
Cycle path0,00 km0,00 %
Single track2,80 km10,08 %
Dirt/Gravel track8,07 km28,99 %



Farms and mountains!

The route starts from the valley floor, following the left bank of the river Noce before climbing up the slope, looking down over the valley with superb views of the Dolomites (the Peller massif) and Val Meledrio (an enchanting valley crossed by the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike trail). The farms of Mont di Bolentina testify to man’s age-old presence on these precipitous yet thrilling slopes, stirring a certain nostalgia for bygone ages, just reward for a gruelling and as yet little-known uphill.

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