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Along the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike route, whether its the Country (along the cycle paths of the valley floor) or that of the Expert (paths and roads in the midst the mountains), the fantastic views, places and phenomena of particular natural interest cannot be missed. Even the most frenetic biker will be taken by the extraordinary sensations!

Places of natural interest:

  • The waterfall of Cirion formed by the river Bedù at the end of Val S. Valentino, near to Villa Rendena. From the wild valleys of Val S. Valentino and Val di Borzago one can admire the beautiful settings and glacier of Carè Alto. The route from Val Rendena explores these two extraordinary and striking valleys.
  • The ferrous water spring "Lasta" located about half and hour upstream of Mortaso.
  • The waterfalls of Masanel, just upstream of Bocenago: right along the expert route.
  • The open farm of "Dai Camor", just before the village of Giustino: can be seen on the orographic left when passing along the cycle path on the valley floor, following the family route.
  • The spectacular views of the surrounding peaks and the beautiful valley below can be admired from the Brent da L'Ors pass, below the Doss del Sabion and from Malga Movlina - this is one of the most tremendous and emotional points of the expert route!
  • Val Genova, with its unspoilt landscape, glaciers and wonderful waterfalls, including the Nardis.
  • Val Nambrone with the "Amolacqua" nature walk and the alpine lakes of Cornisello.
  • The visitors centre and tourist information office of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park in S. Antonio di Mavignola.
  • Val Brenta and Val Agola with its moraine-dammed lake, another two enchanted places that make the expert route a real pearl to behold!
  • The spectacular waterfalls of Vallesinella - from top to bottom. Steps, walkways and small bridges allow you to admire the spectacle... as always on the expert route!

/ Val Rendena

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