Molveno Lake welcomes the biker in the Paganella district displaying extraordinary alternating shades of chromatic blue and green giving the impression that the waters and the banks have merged together and that the forests of maple, hazel and birch have jumped into the lake!

Molveno Lake is the second longest and deepest of the lakes in Trentino. This expanse of water is a great place for swimming. Its variety of colour shades is impressive. Measuring 4.5 km in length and 1.5km in width and, at maximum, reaches a depth of 124 m.

What strikes the visitor at the first sight of Molveno Lake is the clarity of its waters, gathered from the Brenta peaks and the slopes of Paganella.

Pride in the land and mountains is at the core of the people's warm hospitality, where guests are welcomed with pleasure and cordiality, asked in return to respect these places, the meadows, forests and beautiful nature.

Pedaling across the Paganella plateau is one of the best ways to enjoy the sport, a harmonius blend of movement and nature.



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