The Val di Non area organises numerous summertime events ranging from folk and traditional, to art and culture, to sport. A calendar of events packed with dates for the guests and the wild bikers who will not be able to avoid their appeal!

We list only major events: a myriad of smaller events and entertainment are organised locally throughout the valley:

  • SPRING IN VAL DI NON: the perfect time to "adopt" an apple tree in full blossom! You can return then in autum to collect the fruits from your own personal tree. Or simply to stroll among the apple orchards or participate to the 4 Ville in Fiore fun run among the apple orchards in full blossom. This event takes place in April.
  • ANDAR PER MALGHE: Guided tours to alpine farms where you can watch the cheese being produced and sample it. Tours organised from June to September.
  • FESTIVAL TRENTINO MONDIAL FOLK: Folk Groups from all over the world meet in Val di Non to share their folk traditions through colours, music, song and dance. Takes place in July in Coredo.
  • FESTE DEI PORTONI: gastronomic tour of local delicacies among the laneways of the village. Takes place in July in Tuenno.
  • NONSOLE JAZZ FESTIVAL: A series of jazz events throughout the valley with world famous musicians accompanied by movies and chances to meet with the performers. This event takes place between the end of July and the beginning of August.
  • DRAGONONESA: teams from all over the region compete with each other in the waters of Lake Santa Giustina on board special canoes called Dragon Boats. A lively Caribbean style atmosphere complimented by events, tasty food, music and a beach party. In August.
  • FESTA DELLA CHARTA DI REGOLA: An reinactment of the ancient rules that peacefully regulated the daily lives and the agricultural work of the inhabitants of the town of Cavareno. Parades in traditional clothes, local delicacies, ancient crafts and visits to traditional houses. Between the end of July to the beginning of August.
  • COSINA NONESA EN TI SOMASI DE FON: The villagers of Fondo open the old vaults and cellars at the basement of their own houses to the public. They are decorated, set with tables and each of the vaults specialises in one particular traditional recipe. Just wander from place to place and sample the delicacies of Val di Non. This event takes place in August.
  • FESTA DELLA MELA: on the shore of Tovel Lake the apples from Val di Non are transformed into tasty fritters and cakes. Happens around the middle of August.
  • FESTA DEI VOUTI: gastronomic event in the old voults where traditional dishes are served. Takes place in Coredo in August.
  • SUONI DELLE DOLOMITI: This year the area of Altopiano della Predaia hosts Daniele Silvestri, considered to be one of the most creative Italian musicians. Takes place on the 25th of August.
  • 18th MELINDA TROPHY: a professional cycling race along the roads of Val di Non and Val di Sole on the 22rd of August.
  • AGRICULTURE : This travelling event celebrates the agricultural and enogastronomic traditions of Trentino. The event takes place as a culinary play where the public are directly involved in the preparation of traditional dishes. A chance to taste the unique flavours of Trentino's traditional dishes and to learn how to prepare them. Takes place in Rumo on the 11th of July.
  • SPORT FESTIVAL: one week of sports and entertainment. Each day offering tournaments and opportunities to experience different sports, while each evening a different menu will allow you to appreciate good food accompanied by events and music. Takes place in Cles in August.
  • POMARIA: This event coincides with the end of the apple picking season and focuses on the crafts and the flavours of Val di Non. The magic colours of autumn, the power of arts, the aromas of genuine food and wine, music, legends and games will merge together in the fairytale atmosphere of the village of Casez. Takes place from the 10th to the 11th of October. 
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