Castles, parks and grasslands!

Along the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike, where in the Terme di Comano district the family and expert routes coincide, you will be welcomed by the imposing Castello di Stenico, by the view to Bleggio and Lomaso, passing through rural villages, then further on to the old "Molini" water mills...


The Castello di Stenico is the most imposing and well preserved castle of the valley. It stands with its high ramparts on a cliff above its namesake village. The fortress dates back to the thirteenth century, an old residence of Prince Bishop. Today it displays valuable paintings, antique furniture from Trentino, utensils for daily use and new collections of Applied Arts with some sections dedicated to handmade wrought iron work, religious paintings and portraits.
Terme di Comano: 14 hectares of pure relaxation, in an environment where tranquility and peace reign supreme. Close to the village of Ponte Arche there is a modern spa resort to spoil you with pampering, massage and the Salus per Aquam skin care cosmetic line.

There are stilt houses situated near the town of Fiavé. The town is fascinating history with its concentration of beautiful churches, capitals and old houses that take you back in time to a prehistoric era.

Ancient villages: Balbido, the "painted town" and Rango, listed among the "most Beautiful Villages of Italy" are examples of villages with typical mountain style architecture. Time has not done damage to this precious historical heritage, now widely appreciated.

San Lorenzo in Banale: seven parish churches in this unique and picturesque village nestled on the Banale plain at the gates of Adamello Brenta Natural Park and the place of production of the typical the salami with turnip called ciuiga.


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