The Giudicarie district organises numerous events ranging from folk and traditional, to art and culture, to sport. A calendar of events packed with dates for the guests and the wild bikers who will not be able to avoid their appeal!

Following is a list of the major events: besides them many minor events are organised locally all over the valley.

  • The first weekend in June: Ragoli Country Legend, in Ragoli
  • Second/third weekend in June: Ribaltone, in Tione
  • Third/fouth weekend in June: Parco al Poz, in Preore
  • Third Sunday of July: St. Maria Maddalena town festival, in Preore
  • Third Sunday of July: St. Faustino and Girovita town festival, in Ragoli
  • First Sunday in August: Iron, the voices of silence, in Ragoli
  • Fourth week in august: Folk week, in Tione
  • First Sunday of September: St. Vittore town festival, in Tione
  • First weekend in september: Montagne Golose, Montagne
  • First weekend of October: Mountain Eco-fair
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